Our Story

The Story of LUTZEX: A Harmonious Blend of Tradition and Innovation

LUTZEX’s bedrock has always been formed by the organic combination of scientifically sound and evidence-based recipes to constantly evolve our portfolio, giving rise to a permanent will to seek and provide the most nourishing products.      

For us, these recipes have become a living, breathing reminder of our forebearers, as well as the era they came from. These formulas have grown to be guardians of values once thought ordinary, but turned out to be more scarce than ever imagined.

The approach that our ancestors took—grounded in science—is to constantly replenish our imagination, to focus on catering to the protective layer of our body. We strongly believe this to be our great service to all skins of all kinds.

The Birth of LUTZEX Skincare Line

Our story began in a city, in the heart of Europe, where nature's bounty was revered and utilized to its fullest potential. Generations of herbalists, botanists, and alchemists in our family have passed down their knowledge, each generation adding a layer of wisdom and innovation to our skincare legacy. The pursuit of creating exceptional skincare products has always been intertwined with our family's ethos: to harness the power of nature using scientific principles.

Guardians of Values

Our ancestors, with their unwavering commitment to purity and efficacy, laid the foundation for what LUTZEX is today. They believed in the simple yet profound truth that nature, when respected and understood, holds the key to true beauty and wellness. These values have become our guiding light. Our recipes, a harmonious blend of ancient wisdom and modern science, are a testament to these values. They are our heritage, our legacy, and our commitment to you.

Magic in the Glass

Introducing our products that capture the secrets of marine water, plants from deserts, and fruits from naturally challenging environments—a family secret passed down through generations and perfected using modern, yet natural technology. Our formulations are rich in the same minerals found in thermal water, oceans, deserts, mountains, forests, and gardens. Each ingredient is carefully chosen for its ability to replenish and restore the skin’s optimal levels, detoxify, protect from harsh environments, and pamper the skin.

Our multi-tasking portfolio is designed to address the diverse needs of your skin. Whether it’s the hydrating essence of marine algae, the soothing properties of desert botanicals, or the rejuvenating power of mountain herbs, our products are crafted to provide comprehensive care. We believe in creating skincare that not only addresses immediate concerns but also fosters long-term healthy skin and vitality.

A Philosophy Rooted in Science and Sustainability

Our philosophy sets the benchmark for our research direction: we strive to actively protect the skin from pollution and trying conditions, ultimately aiming to turn the clock back but for now, at the minimum, to slow it down. This commitment extends beyond the individual to encompass our collective responsibility to the Planet. We are dedicated to ensuring our eco-responsible approach guides our steps, limiting the negative impact on humans and the environment.

A Legacy of Perseverance and Innovation

Fifty years of research and development, four generations, one family, and the perseverance and unwavering faith of three women have culminated in what we now proudly present to you in our bottles and jars.

Multi-Generational Expertise

LUTZEX embodies the expert knowledge of multiple generations, drawn from three distinct sources. First, the heritage passed down from great-grandparents about the wonders of nature and herbs. Second, the invaluable expertise of a physician mother, honed through a lifelong journey of optimization. Third, the continuous evolution driven by the collaboration between her physician-scientist daughter and her science-loving, attorney twin sister, working alongside a team of cosmetic chemists.

Steadfast Philosophy in Changing Times

While the times, settings, and research laboratories have undergone significant transformations since our inception, our core philosophy and foundational principles remain unchanged. At LUTZEX, we are committed to blending tradition with innovation, ensuring that every product reflects the wisdom of the past (natural oils, butters, and water-soluble ingredients extracted from seeds & plants) and the advancements of the present (carefully designed safe synthetics that complement and enhance the effect of natural ingredients).

Inclusive Formulations for All Skin Types

Our products are crafted to be gentle enough for most skin types, yet effective for all skin types. Just as fresh air revitalizes the lungs, LUTZEX rejuvenates the skin. We blend traditional knowledge with 21st-century insights, creating a skincare portfolio that honors the past while embracing the future.

LUTZEX: Tradition Meets Modern Science

At LUTZEX, we are committed to harnessing the best of both worlds—traditional wisdom and modern scientific advancements. Our formulations are a testament to our dedication to quality and efficacy. We believe in the power of nature and the precision of science to create products that truly benefit the skin.

Join us on this journey of discovery and care. Experience the legacy of LUTZEX, where tradition meets innovation, and where each product is a testament to the love and dedication of our family.

Thank You

Thank you for being a part of the LUTZEX family. Together, we will continue to celebrate the harmony of science and nature, honoring the past while embracing the future.